Is it outside of us or is it inside?? … or is it both??….


I have had both experiences… as a young gal, I believed good things or bad thing would happen to me and I had no say on them… I could not be the capitan of my destiny… it was not even a belief that crossed my mind….


Today, well … today it´s a different story… I am the capitan of my life, I do believe I am wealth, joy, prosperity, health, love, and abundance… those are the glasses I see my life through …


What´s fascinating is my life shapping as I believe it can shape…  all the goods, and bads, and happys and sads are welcome, my BEING knows I am all of the abundance, happiness and prosperity I am… that sometimes goes through difficulties that have a beggining and and end… Pain comes however suffering is optional…. how cool is that ?!!


Going back to first question… inside, outside or both….? well… whatever I  am inside.. that`s what becomes outside… 




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